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Exposed Aggregate is our most popular finish. It looks very natural in Northwest Landscapes.

Stamped Curb is a great optional finish that imitates natural surfaces.

Plain Curb is used mainly on commercial projects or where stark contrast or matching is required.

Concrete Curbs come in a variety of styles and finishes to accommodate any application.

Finish Options

Style Options

Slant is our most popular border. It is a very elegant edge for lawns and pathways. Very good for riding mowers too.

Mower is a good border for smaller lawns. The beveled surface accommodates small mowers well.

Square is used in certain pathway configurations or where a flush border is needed. Also a great border for putting greens.

Tall Slant is our most popular driveway border. Rebar can be placed inside to provide a more durable edge.

Tall Square comes in different sizes depending on the application. Rebar can also be placed inside to provide a more durable border.

Call for other shapes available.

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