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American Curb & Edging has a two year warranty. We will repair or replace any installed curb that has a failure directly resulting from defective materials or workmanship.


Will my landscape be damaged during installation?

We use installation techniques to minimize damage to existing landscapes. The only difference between when we arrive and when we leave is an attractive new border.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this curbing come in sections?

Concrete curbing is mixed and poured on site. It is a continuous border that does not come in sections.

Why are there lines cut into the curb?

These lines are joints that we finish into the curb to control cracking. They are similar to the joints found in your driveway or sidewalk. They are only cut partway through to prevent vegetation from growing through the curb.

Curb Care Instructions







First 24 hours: Your concrete curb is very soft and can be damaged easily. Keep pets and children (and curious neighbors!) away from the curb to prevent damage. Pets can be let back out the next day following installation. Keep sprinklers turned off and do not spray any water directly on the curb. If we covered your curb with plastic, it can be removed after 24 hours.

After 72 hours: Your curb is getting harder now and is much harder to damage. Sprinklers can be turned back on; a direct spray of water will not hurt the curb. Do not run your mower close to or on the curb yet.

After 5 days: Your curb is cured enough now to run a mower wheel on it. Also wheelbarrows can be carefully rolled over the curb with a light or medium load.

After 2 weeks: Your curb is mostly cured. Exposed aggregate can be acid washed and sealed at this time if desired. If you have curb along a driving area, it is now safe to have cars next to it (we recommend you avoid going over the curb with vehicles unless you ramp over the curb).

After 4 weeks: Your curb is completely cured. Enjoy your new curb!

Damage caused by not following these care instructions is not covered by our warranty.

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